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Hi! I'm Coachads (Amardeep Singh)...

I'm India's FIRST 360-Degree Communication Skills Coach. Nothing in life is more important than the ability to COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY. I'm on a mission to help 1,000,000 individuals live a life of SIGNIFICANCE. I founded the Communication Transformation Hub to fix this problem. Today, we are hundreds of paid members and growing. 

Be a 360-Degree Communicator!

Most people are not effective in communication, that shows in their career, business, relationships . I'm on a mission to help 1,000,000 individuals live a life of sifnificance being a HIGH IMPACT 360-Degree Communicator...

Communication, Public Speaking & Employability skills 

Have trained over 1,00,000 individuals in last 25 years of experience in ; 

Communication, Public Speaking, Job/Academic Interview preparation, Employability, Soft skills and English Language skills...

Communication Transformation Hub

I founded this Community to help individuals become a HIGH IMPACT 360 Degree Communicator. We are now hundreds of paid members and growing!

The Communication Transformation Hub

With over hundreds of 360 Degree Communicators and growing, we are building a new breed of HIGH IMPACT 360 Degree Communicators!

JOIN the Communication Transformation Hub (CTH) to UNLOCK your journey of super SUCCESS!

Get access to proven "360 Degree Communication system" to become a 360 Degree HIGH IMPACT Communicator!

Start working on your Verbal, Non-Verbal, Written, Visual, Body Language and Listening skills...

Become a HIGH IMPACT 360 Degree Communicator 

Be in the company of like minded Communication Warriors who learn, work, colloborate and blossom together into an UNBEATABLE tribe of HIGH IMPACT 360 Degree Communicators...

Learn how to attract the BEST opportunities and people to unleash growth trajectory in your LIFE...

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This community is built with love and passion! Our focus is to help you get FAST results.

Amardeep Sir is a highly energetic, professional, creative coach. His approach is to the point, crisp and direct with no-nonsense attitude. That's exactly what has drawn me to his webinar and to purchase his courses. He is the master of his field and craft! After attending his courses, I realized, he has done a lot of research in his own field before curating his offerings.

Raunak Singhvi CFO, Portfolio Head, Gray Matters Capital Inc. Co-Founder EdPrime

In ONE WORD, I CAN DEFINE YOU AS A FATECHANGER. You are awesome. My Mission is clear now. Learning from you is a Blessing! Every day Learning from you and growing!

Shubham Singh

E-Commerce Entrepreneur

Excellent community! Everything you need to know is available in Communication Transformation Hub (CTH). Highly recommended to anyone who wants to fast track & succeed in his/her career! Thank you Amardeep Sir for the wonderful course...

Mohit Gang

CEO & Co-Founder

Money Front

Regular Speaker on CNBC TV 18, CNBC Awaaz, Bloomberg, ET Now, ZEE News etc...

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